Singapore’s New Immigration Laws – What It Means For Foreigners

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Singapore is a vibrant country with numerous business opportunities. This means that the country attracts a larger number of immigrants every year than any other country in the region. However, there is a blow to the government toughens the immigration measures. Singapore Visa Express officials have affirmed that the immigration laws have and will continue to make the process as professional as possible. Immigrants who think that they can just come to Singapore and settle into that easily are now wrong. So, what do these immigration laws entail?

What the new immigration policy covers

According to Lee Hsieng long – the prime minister of Singapore, the new laws see to make it tough for foreigners who come to Singapore with the mid-level or low-level skills to look for employment. He added that the country has in the past been lenient to give them a visa and work permit.

The country claims that these people have taken all the opportunities highly skilled Singaporeans would have taken. Most of them have degrees and diplomas yet they cannot work at the same level or higher than most immigrants.

Most affected immigrants

The middle and low skilled immigrants will now have a tough time getting both visas and work permit in Singapore. From the look of the things, this is a great blow to Indian immigrants who comprise of the highest number of such workforce. There is a big reason for them to worry as those who apply under P2 and Q1 will be greatly affected.

The intentions of the new policy are to bring stringent measures for the mid and low skilled workers. Therefore, they will come in a few numbers to fill a specific number of jobs. The rest of the slots will be reserved for the Singaporeans who equally qualify for the same.

However, skilled workers from India ask for a higher salary and therefore will qualify under these new policies. It is said that they can qualify for P1 pass and in some few cases get a personalized pass at the request of their potential employer. They also need to have enough hands-on experience which is hard to find locally before they are given a pass.

Who benefits from the new policy?

Reports have indicated that Singaporeans have embraced the policy with joy as a step towards fulfillment of labor concerns. This move does not come as a surprise to the country as it had been announced earlier that such measures were on the way. Therefore, this implementation is a plus to the locals. Now the graduates of both diplomas and degrees can smile knowing that there is some hope of getting a job once they are ripe for it.

Effects to business

The small and medium businesses now face a big blow since they have to cater for a bigger wage bill. With the international recession, this is a double effect on their operations. Most of the Indian companies which were relying on cheap labor from India will now have to employ more Singaporeans and few Indians; all at a higher cost.