Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney

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There are thousands of personal injury attorneys available to assist victims who are injured in accidents that are caused by negligent individuals and entities. However, there are vast differences between lawyers. Before hiring a personal injury attorney from The Nielson Law Firm, interview several and inquire about the following matters.

What Areas of Law Do You Specialize In?

Personal injury lawyers handle a variety of cases. However, many lawyers personalize in specific cases. For example, a lawyer handling commercial truck accidents may handle this type of case exclusively. He or she may be well versed in state and federal laws pertaining to truck driving regulations. He or she may have extensive experience in certain cases and you will not have to pay for the learning curve. Likewise, lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice cases are more likely going to know about accepted standards of treatment in the area.

Do You Have Time for My Case?

Ask potential lawyers about their current case load. Be sure that you understand the demands on the lawyer’s time and whether he or she will be able to provide your case with enough attention to be successful. Ask realistically how much time the prospective lawyer will have for your specific case. Also, inquire how long he or she anticipates it will take before filing suit.

How Do You Charge?

Many personal injury lawyers do not charge clients until there is a settlement or verdict. Many individuals simply do not have the funds necessary to litigate expensive personal injury cases out of their own funds. Likewise, people do not anticipate such accidents. Therefore, personal injury lawyers know that they must fund the case and use their own time without a guarantee of repayment for their services. The usual arrangement for personal injury cases is for clients to sign a contingency fee agreement. If you lose your case, you are not responsible for paying for the lawyer’s services.

Am I Responsible for Any Expenses?

There is an important distinction between legal services and legal costs. Services denote what takes the lawyer’s time, such as research, preparing pleadings and completing discovery requests. Legal costs include those other costs associated with lawsuits, including filing fees, copying expenses, etc. Inquire whether you are responsible for paying any of these expenses upfront or if you will have to repay them if your case is not successful.