Holding Negligent Nursing Homes Accountable

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A nursing home should be a place of peace and safety; it should be a space in which the elderly can be comfortable, secure, nourished, supported, and looked after. These were the primary reasons for putting your elderly loved one in a nursing home. Recently, you have noticed changes in their behavior. You may also have taken note of unexplained marks and bruises on their body. The evidence is mounting that your parents or grandparents are being abused by the people whose care you’ve entrusted them to.

If your suspicion is too powerful to ignore, you should take the next step. Hiring a lawyer is the best way of getting to the bottom of things and taking legal action if necessary.

Getting To The Bottom Of The Abuse

At the moment, all you have is anecdotal evidence that something is not right. Hiring a lawyer such as the ones found at Strom and Associates will allow you to investigate the situation more thoroughly and do something about it.

You may have asked your elderly loved one if they are being abused and received an evasive answer. There is a perfectly rational reason why they may be unwilling to tell you all that is happening to them. The indignity of what they have been going through may prevent it. For most of their life, they have been able to protect themselves and stand up for those they love, including you. Age has made them in a weak and much diminished state. They no longer possess the strength and ability they once had, which has left them vulnerable to predators. They may be too proud or too ashamed to admit that they have been the victims of abuse.

Nursing home abuse lawyers have the training and experience to deal with such situations. They handle cases like yours all the time and know how to interview nursing home patients who have been taken advantage of. They will know the right questions to ask, and they will know the way to ask them so as to get a straightforward answer.

Building Your Case

This is only the beginning. A nursing home lawyer will know how to interview the staff at the clinic. They will be able to gather other facts, employ eyewitness testimony, introduce forensic evidence, and link all of these to the relevant parts of law. The right lawyer will know how to build a sound and solid case against the nursing home. It will put you in a position to file suit with confidence.

Getting Justice For Your Loved One

There are many types of elderly abuse. Physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse are among the most common kinds. The latter is especially on the rise. Some predators get into the nursing home profession for the express purpose of swindling and robbing elderly people. Nursing homes have a duty to properly screen candidates for employment and to monitor them carefully afterward. If your loved one has been abused, the nursing home must be held accountable.