Getting A Just Settlement After A Car Wreck

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Not all car accidents are blameless. There are some that could have been avoided if one of the drivers had acted responsibly. Your recent car crash falls into this category. The recklessness of the other driver led to the accident and caused you severe pain and suffering.

Don’t allow dangerous and negligent drivers to get away with what they have done to you. As you recover, you should take time to explore your legal options.

The Menace Of Negligent Drivers

You take no chances when you drive. When on the road, your attention and focus are on the operation of your vehicle. There are an unfortunate few who think such attentiveness is optional. They don’t see the harm in sending text messages or speaking on the phone as they drive. The increasing busyness of roads and highways everywhere makes such negligence a serious menace.

If you have been hit by a driver of this kind, then you should sue them for damages. Your first step is to hire a lawyer such as the ones found at Cogburn Law Office.

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

All you have at the moment is a claim. You recall the events that led up to the accident, you know of witnesses that probably saw the same things as you did, and you bear the cuts and bruises of the accident’s aftermath. To you this may seem like overwhelming evidence that the other party is guilty. But nothing can be taken for granted in personal injury cases. You must prove your case through a valid legal process.

The lawyer you work with will gather the facts surrounding the accident; they will also collect witness testimony and present convincing forensic analysis of how the events preceding the accident unfolded. Your lawyer will then be able to build a sound and solid case against the perpetrator of the wreck.

Fighting For A Just Outcome

You should not be lured into accepting a small sum of money from the insurance company of the other driver. This is a common trick used by defendants and their insurers to circumvent justice. The money offered is unlikely to cover the expenses you’ve incurred or the wages you’ve lost from being out of work. Nor is it likely to be adequate compensation for the pain, stress, and anxiety that you and your family have had to endure.

Filing the law suit is not about vengeance or spite. In many ways, it is about practicalities. You do have bills to pay and you need help paying them. In general, however, it is about getting what is fair and just. You have been through a terrible ordeal, and you should get a settlement that constitutes an attempt to make up for that.

One of the best services your lawyer can offer is to look at the final deal you’re offered and advise you as to its adequacy. Your lawyer will be able to compare it with settlements offered under similar circumstances and tell you whether it is enough.