Dog Bite Accidents: Get the Legal Compensation You Deserve

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 According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), about 4.5 million dog bites happen in America every year. Around 900,000 out of the total individuals with dog bites gets infected. In most instances, owners of the dogs are financially liable for property damage or personal injury. If you or your loved one gets into a dog bite accident, seek help from here.

Three Laws That Impose Liability On Dog Owners in The United States

  • A Dog-Bite Statute

These dog bite laws are commonly called dog-bite statutes. They are commonly applied in several states in America. These laws make the owner of a dog legally liable for any property damage or injury the dog causes. They cover all types of dog-inflicted injuries.

  • The One-Bite Rule

This rule makes the dog’s owner liable for damage only if there is evidence showing that he knew that the animal would cause damage. For instance, if a dog bites a person, the victim can only be compensated if he can prove that the owner of the animal knew that it would cause the injury.

  • Negligence Laws

In this case, the dog owner becomes liable if the injury happened because he was negligent or unreasonably careless. For example, when a homeowner leaves his dog in the backyard and forgets to close the gate, he will be liable in case it goes out of the gate and bites someone.

Importance of Reporting Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs pose a threat to both children and adults. Dog bite accidents can also result in physical harm and psychological damage. Reporting, dog bite accidents is important not only to protect other individuals from damage but also to recover the damages caused.

If your loved one gets into a dog bite accident, consult an experienced lawyer near you. He will help you know whether to file a case in the court of law or not. If there is a need to, the attorney will help you chart a legal course that recovers medical expenses, loss of income, and other potential damages. Top-notch attorneys work methodically to shape the case in their client’s favor.

How an Attorney Prepares to File a Dog Bite Case

Personal injury attorneys do not only collect, but they also review the evidence required to pursue their client’s case. This enables them to prove that the dog in question has caused the injury and not any other animal. During this stage, the ownership of the dog is also proved. Information collected also helps the attorney prove that the victim did not provoke the dog.


Compensation varies. The value is usually determined by factors such as medical damages, loss of income, psychological damage, loss of opportunity, and related familial factors.

Final Thoughts

Dog bites accidents can cause many damages. If you or your loved one has been bitten, consider seeking help from an experienced attorney. An expert of this caliber will help you file the case in the court of law in the right manner.