Anatomy of a Car Accident

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Car accidents happen so often it is easy to believe that they are simply unavoidable random acts. Although many happen because of circumstances completely out of the control of the driver, the vast majority happen for reasons that are completely avoidable. And, it is these avoidable accidents that keep the best car wreck attorneys in business. Here are the most common reasons for car accidents and how we can avoid them:

Being Too Tired Behind the Wheel – You go out late one Saturday with friends and it turns out to be a really long night. Although you only had a small amount to drink you have been sitting in the bar or nightclub for hours and should have gone home to bed a long time ago. When your group finally leaves you think that perhaps you should leave your car and have someone give you a lift home, but you do not want to put anyone through the hassle and coming all the way back to pick your car up tomorrow is a drag, not to mention that you may get a parking ticket. So you decide to drive. On the way home you do not notice a drunk driver driving erratically and he runs into you. The peak time for car accidents is midnight and 3am on weekends for a variety of reasons. Lots of people are impaired on the road, and many people are tired from working overtime or hanging out late, so your chances of having an accident are greatly increased. If you are too tired to drive, don’t. Call a cab or get a ride with someone who isn’t.

Going Over the Speed Limit – You are cruising on the freeway with traffic and everyone is going over the speed limit. You know it is dangerous, but hey everyone else is doing it. Suddenly there is some type of an issue ahead of you on the road, and you brake, but because of your speed, you may need a lot more time to stop. You stop in time barely, but before you know it, you are in a multi-car pile-up. Remember, speed limits are posted for everyone’s safety. Too often drivers take them as dares. If everyone else is speeding, it is not an excuse for you to speed and it will certainly not be one for law enforcement. Drive at or below the speed limit. It saves lives.

Driving Under the Influence – There are dozens of scenarios for this driving under the influence. Drivers who are impaired cause more vehicle accidents than any other group. If you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal or prescription medications that impair your judgment, vision or balance, you increase your chances of causing or being involved in an accident dramatically. The government constantly runs campaigns about the dangers of driving while impaired, so its hazards are well known. Why does this problem persist? Drugs and alcohol give you a false sense of control and security. They actually make you think that you are a better driver. When you see the stumbling drunk arguing with his friend for his car keys, he really believes he is fine to drive.  In fact, he is angry that they doubt him. The truth is that if they let him drive they may as well put a loaded gun in his hand and blindfold him. Never drive impaired. If you have any amounts of substances that cause you to be impaired, do not grab your car keys. And if you are with someone who is impaired, take that person’s keys away and call for a car service.

Driving While Distracted – You are in bumper to bumper traffic and bored. You decide to text your friend and see how her day is going. The back and forth goes on and on and she starts sending you cute cat videos to watch while you sit. Traffic begins to flow better and you and your friend continue to text and laugh at the funny videos. You take your eyes off the road for too long and do not see that someone has run a red light and is heading straight for you. When you drive, stay focused on driving only. Do not use cell phones, video players tablet computers or other technology designed to get your attention that you need to observe traffic and pedestrians.

Most traffic accidents can be avoided if we observe these few things.