When You Are The Best Hope For Your Grandchild

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Families differ. When divorce is inevitable, the circumstances under which it unfolds will differ as well. If a child is involved in a divorce, then the grandparents may actually be the ones most suited to care for the child. Even if both parents are alive, the grandparents may be the closest family members most capable of looking after its well-being.

In other words you may be your grandchild’s best hope.

Protecting Your Rights As A Grandparent

The process and procedures of a divorce can be complex and confusing. If matters were not very stable to begin with, then the consequences of divorce may be even more detrimental to the child’s security. Lawyers such as the ones at Rosengren, Kohlmeyer & Hagen, Law Office Chtd. can help you protect your rights as a grandparent.

Grandparents are just as important in a child’s life as parents. You may be in a situation in which a difficult partnership between the two parents has strained your relationship with your grandchild. Or, there may be a situation in which, given the circumstances of the one or both of the parents, you, as the grandparent, are able to provide the most loving, nurturing, and secure environment for the child. In any of these situations it is important to assert your legal rights as a grandparent. And contacting a family lawyer can be a first step in finding out just what those rights are.

Hiring The Right Lawyer

Sorting through the labyrinth of law concerning grandparental rights can be tricky. The lawyer you hire should have specialized knowledge in the field so that they can provide you with effective solutions. The fate of an innocent child is at stake. You must do all that you can to ensure they are able to grow up in a stable and secure environment.
Even if a decree has already been issued regarding your child, it is still possible to modify child support, custody or parental access in order to bring it in line with changed conditions. Additionally, it is important to remember that not all divorce, custody, and support cases need go through litigation. The lawyer you work with may be able to negotiate a settlement that will be satisfactory to everyone.
Working with the right lawyer can help you effectively and accurately work to resolve legal issues in a way that is favorable to your interests. When choosing an attorney to work with it is important to select one that is sensitive to the financial and personal challenges you face, and who is also aware of your particular goals and desires. Such an attorney can pursue from the beginning an outcome that will ensure that your status as a grandparent is known and acknowledged.
Your attorney will be able to gather all of the facts and circumstances of the case, employ witness and expert testimony, and link all of this to the relevant points of law. As you try to do what is best for your grandchild, your lawyer will be with you every step of the way.