Discovering If You Have Just Cause to Take Legal Action

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When you are hurt on the job, you may get a lot of different advice from your coworkers, friends, and family members. Some people may tell you that you have a case that you could take to court.  Others may tell you not to bother reporting the injury to your employer because it would be cheaper and less bothersome to deal with it on your own.

Regardless of what well-meaning loved ones tell you, you are encouraged to follow the worker’s comp laws in your state.  You can find out what those regulations are by retaining a lawyer who specializes in on-the-job injury cases, Iowa workers comp law, personal injury litigation, and other legal niches.

Qualifying Injuries

You may know that you can file a claim against your employer’s insurance company if you suffer an on-the-job injury like a broken limb or strained back.  However, you may not know that you can file for injuries and illnesses that you may consider to be routine and just part of the nature of your job.

For example, conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome typically qualify as an injury that you can pursue compensation for under state law.  The strain that you put on your fingers and wrists could leave you unable to do your job and earn an income.  Your employer may owe you some sort of coverage for restorative surgery or lost earnings.

Likewise, you may have cause to file a claim if you develop illnesses like COPD or allergies while working on your job.  If these conditions can be traced back to chemicals you are exposed to or the environment in which you work, you may have a case to file under the current state law.

However, before you file such a claim, you may find it best to consult with an attorney who knows what the state laws are for workers like you.  You can avoid a lengthy court battle and also be protected from intimidation, threats, and wrong information by retaining a legal advocate to represent you during the matter.

Initial Consultation

You may have hesitated to contact a lawyer because you worried it would cost too much money.  The initial consultation with the attorney is free.  You can set it up to accommodate your schedule by going online and finding out what appointments are available.

Every state has different laws regarding workers compensation.  Before you file a claim or take action in court, you can find out what those laws are by consulting with and retaining legal counsel.  You can also find out if you have an injury or health condition that is covered under the current set of regulations.